5 steps to effective weight loss & long term health!

in Health Tips March 9, 2019

1) Eat a low carbohydrate, medium fats, high protein diet.

Low carbohydrate diets work by allowing you to control insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone in the body that is essential in metabolism, blood pressure regulation, cholesterol, blood sugar control, and fat storage. Carbohydrates, particularly sugars, cause the body to produce insulin at high levels. While this is excellent for muscle recovery and growth in active and lean individuals, in the average overweight or obese person this leads to weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes and other associated diseases and disorders. Low carbohydrate intake keeps insulin levels in the body low, forcing the increase of the hormone glucagon which burns stored fat for energy, leading to weight loss. Beyond lowering carbohydrates, we also increase our protein and healthy fats from things like fish,nuts, seed, and vegetables. All around this style of diet allows the user to lose weight in a consistent, healthy manner while preserving lean muscle. Personally, I prefer a modifed carbohydrate cycling plan. Look out for a new post ignite plan along these lines soon!

2) Get Plenty of Sleep.

Sleep is the all too often overlooked, key to effective weight loss, weight management and long-term health. I am constantly amazed when people tell me their habits and neglect to mention that they only sleep four to five hours a night. Not only does a lack of sleep unbalance hormones like insulin, testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone and cortisol in the body, it also has long term health repercussions. Numerous studies have found sleep deprivation can increase the risk of stroke, increase diabetes risk, damage bones, increase risk of memory loss, and increase risk of death. A 2010 study reported that men who slept for less than 6 hours a night were 4 times more likely to die over the 14 year period. The bottom line is that you need to sleep. The good news is that once you have gotten back on track with your sleep your hormones return to normal and many of your risks return to normal as well. The even better news is that sleeping plays a major role in weight loss and maintenance and getting back on track will allow you to jumpstart your progress towards a happier, healthier you.

3) Set a routine and stick to it

When I was coaching day in and day out I noticed some trends on long term success in life and weight loss. From those trends, one principle became very clear. That principle was; Without a set schedule and goal for each day, you are winging it. In order to achieve success what you are doing must be able to be replicated on a daily basis. When it comes to a diet and health this means several things. First, you need to schedule your meals and adhere to the schedule. Second, take all your Xyngular products at set times throughout the day. Third, schedule your exercise at the beginning of the week in spaces when you know you will have time.

Numerous studies have shown that once a healthy habit is formed through repetition, it becomes increasingly easier to follow. In general, it takes 30 days to form a habit. I recommend you all start small (scheduling your products throughout the day) and work your way up to big things like scheduling your meals and exercise. This principle of time management and habit formation is one that I am a frm believer in and those of you who can form the positive habits, set a routine, and stick to it will be exponentially more successful in fitness and in life.

4: Enjoy Eating Healthy

Changing your eating habits can be stressful, emotional, and just all around irritating. I understand this concept better than most, as I constantly use my body as an experimental lab for new diets, products, and exercise strategies. One thing I have found to be absolute is that if you can enjoy eating healthy a lot of stress and emotion will be taken out of the diet/ change process.

I have mapped out a healthy shopping list that I follow and choose from in my personal life and one that I have given to hundreds of people that allows for variety in your diet while still remaining healthy. This shopping list, which will be released in the near future, coupled with Xyngular’s new post-ignite plan, also coming soon, allows for you to enjoy eating healthy by adding variety and simplifying the diet process. When you can begin to enjoy your healthy food, the process no longer remains a diet, but it becomes a lifestyle. Always remember, to make a permanent change in your health, weight, happiness, etc.
requires a permanent change in lifestyle. We believe that making this fun, easy and enjoyable will empower you to make that change.

5) Determine your “why”, your goals, and imagine what you will do when you achieve your goal.

First, you must determine “why” you want to lose weight, be healthy, be a better athlete, etc. and dig down in your “why” to its most basic form. To give an example, my “why” for my healthy lifestyle, diet, and exercise regimen boils down to my desire to feel the best I possibly can and get the most out of my body and mind.

Without fitness I would not be as productive, I wouldn’t have had the courage to start my businesses, I wouldn’t have met my girlfriend, and I definitely wouldn’t have fought off stress and illness. Find your “why”, reduce it to its most basic form, and realize that living a healthy lifestyle can give you that. Once you have your “why”, you need to set goals. I could talk for hours on the psychology of goal setting and how to maximize your effectiveness at reaching a goal, but for the sake of time I will keep it basic. On its most basic level, a goal needs to be a stretch, but also realistic. For example, if you currently weigh 250 pounds and your goal is to be 120 by this time next year, that is a stretch, but is it realistic and achievable? My answer would be yes, and I will explain why through a quick analysis of the goal (you should always examine your goals). Over the course of a year you would need to lose 130 pounds, which is over half of your current weight. Looking at the goal this way, it would seem monumental but if we keep reducing the goal down we realize that you only need to lose 2.5 lbs a week. This goal passes the test because it is a stretch, but it is achievable through a change in diet, exercise and supplementation. Beyond setting the goal we need to anchor the goal in our minds and have it always be “front of mind”. We do this through repetition and setting a constant reminder of this goal. I personally re-write my goals for the day, month, year, and long-term goals each morning on note cards and place them in my wallet. The reason for this is that having what you want to accomplish always present in your subconscious mind allows you to see opportunities, make the right decisions, and all around maintain a constant focus on the goal. Whether you chose to record yourself saying your goals, use my note card technique, or use a vision board, having your goals always on your mind empowers you to take charge or your future and remained focused on what truly matters to you (i.e. picking the salad over the fries, going running over going shopping, saving instead of spending, etc).

Lastly, when setting goals and working towards achieving them you should always approach them from an “already achieved it” feeling. When you sit down to write your goal of losing 130lbs this year, imagine what you are doing when you’ve lost the weight, how good you feel, the clothes you’ll buy, etc. This anchoring of the goal with a positive emotion makes the drive and desire to achieve your goal that much more powerful and helps remove any negative emotion. For another personal example, I have a goal of writing a book on achieving complete health and wellness. To anchor this in my mind, I imagine going to visit my parents and seeing my book on their coffee table and having them talk to me about my insights in the book. This thought, and the ever important positive emotions that come with it, are a source of inspiration and make the goal feel more achievable and real. I recommend positive imagery and anchoring with all goals. If you want to lose weight, Imagine yourself walking out on the beach after losing 130 pounds and how good you feel and how confident you are in your new body with everyone telling you how fantastic you look. Those positive images will drive you when all you want to do is eat that ice cream, skip that meal, or not go to the gym. The brain is the most powerful tool you have in life. Use it to its maximum potential! The above tips are valuable tools for not only weight loss and health and wellness, but also in business and life in general. If you have any questions, thoughts or comments email the company at products@xyngular.com.


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