Karen and Jim Pauley: Down Over 250 Pounds Combined

in Ignite Testimonials February 9, 2019

Our names are Karen and Jim Pauley, and we are from Charleston, West Virginia.  Our Xyngular journey started on June 10, 2013, with an Ultimate Transformation Pack, and we have never looked back. When we began this program, Jim was in a size 6X shirt, and I was in a Women’s 24, getting ready to buy a Women’s 26.  We knew we had to make changes as we were not happy with our lives and the road we were taking.  We have four sons, four daughters-in-law, and five grandchildren, so we have a lot to look forward to in our future, and we are so thankful that Xyngular was introduced to us.

After our first eight-day cycle, we knew that this was what we wanted to do and knew that this would be the beginning of the change in our lives.  We loved the products and loved what they were doing for us.  In our first 8 days, Jim lost 18.5 inches, and I lost 11.5 inches.  After a month, he lost 47 inches, and I lost 33 inches. Jim is now in a 2X shirt and has lost almost 200 pounds.  I am now in a regular size 12, and I have lost over 60 pounds, and our combined inches lost are over 120.


These products are so much more than for weight loss.  Being on these products have totally boosted my confidence in myself, and I have been able to get off of medications. I had overlapping headaches for years and had to take 10-12 Tylenol or other pain reliever every day; I had acid reflux and took prescription Prilosec every day for at least the past 10 years; and I had arthritis in both of my knees.  Since I have made these healthy lifestyle changes, I no longer have headaches; I no longer have acid reflux; and I no longer have arthritic pain in my knees.  Jim and I both are now able to go on walks and enjoy doing things together that we have not been able to do for quite some time.

We had a couple of friends that were interested in the products and they started taking them, but we weren’t doing it for the business part of it – just to help friends get healthy.  Then, we started having so many people ask us questions, and it was in March 2014, that we decided to help others change their lives and get healthier.  We hit President’s Club the end of March 2014.  In April, we hit President’s Club, then went to Silver Manager, and then went to Gold Manager.  April was an exciting month for us in that not only did we help others make a change in their lives, but we also made over $1,500 in commissions.  It is our continued goal to help as many people as we can and to help them realize that they can make a difference in their lives and that they just need to take that first step and let us help them.

I feel it is important to let everyone know that our products are so much more than for weight loss.  They are a whole wellness program.  They completely balance your body from the inside out.  By being on the products, your lives change and so does your outlook on life, which helps you to regain the confidence you once had.  It is also important that we be a product of the product – we have to believe in and love what we are doing in order to succeed and to help others succeed.  The Xyngular “Family” you meet along your journey is absolutely awesome and a fantastic support group – everyone is there to support everyone!  We are loving our journey with Xyngular, and we are so excited for the future.

Kristen Schmidt

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