Xyngular Ignite Weight Loss Questions (FAQ)

Corporate 8 Day Ignite

  1. Do I have to follow the Ignite program exactly?

    The Ignite Program is the plan that yielded the best results in our focus groups and trials. For best results, we recommend everyone follow it as closely as possible. Adjustments may slow progress and results.

  2. What are the recommended servings of Xyngular products during an Ignite cycle?

    This is an individual choice (up to the recommended safe levels of each product) and is left up to each person. For best results, we encourage following the recommend servings outlined in the Ignite Program. In doing so, you may use your Xyngular products at an accelerated rate.

  3. I am allergic to “blank,” so I can’t take one of the recommended products. Will I still get good results on the Ignite or should I not do it?

    Even if a product has to be omitted, results can still be tremendous. Results are best when all the products are taken and the program is followed exactly as recommended, but success can still be experienced.

  4. Some say that the Ignite Program is too strict and diffcult to follow. How do I encourage them to try the Ignite Program anyway?
    • It is important to know that every person’s experience is going to be a little different. We always recommend following the program as outlined for best results, but if adjustments are needed, you may recommend the following:
    • Provide increased protein options (lean red meat, egg whites)
    • Allow for a healthy lunch on days 3, 5, & 7 (explain what this means).
    • Encourage them to use the full spectrum of the healthy shopping list to provide variety and avoid boredom.
    • Give healthy snack options if they feel like cheating (Quest Bars, hummus, vegetables). It is important to remember though, that any adjustments to the Ignite Program will likely slow their results.
  5. I am a vegetarian/ athlete and I want to do the Ignite Program. What should I do?

    Xyngular has released alternate plans for both athletes and vegetarians. It is available in the resource section of Xyngular.com. You may also ask Health and Wellness Coach for it.

  6. I don’t know how to cook with some options like Quinoa. Can you provide recipes?

    Xyngular will periodically release healthy recipes on our corporate Facebook page going forward so feel free to check there. If you find a great one, let us know and we may post it.

  7. What should I do if I am lightheaded and/or nauseous?

    This is typically a sign that your caloric intake is too low and your body is in need of more fuel. We recommend increasing protein and vegetables slightly to compensate.

  8. What should I do if I become constipated?

    First and foremost, we recommend hydrating, followed by a slight increase in fber (leafy greens, cheat, cheat +, grains) to address the issue. If constipation persists more than a few days, please email products@xyngular.com for further individual assistance.

  9. Is the optional exercise program necessary to lose weight?

    No, but it will optimize weight loss and improve overall health.

  10. I have stopped losing weight on day “4, 5, etc…” What should I do?

    If your weight loss has stalled for more than 2 consecutive days after day 4 of an Ignite cycle, we recommend stopping and moving to your “cheat” day, immediately followed by the Post-Ignite program for maximum weight loss. Once your weight loss has stalled it can be a sign that a change is needed for continued weight loss. The Post-Ignite program can provide the change your body needs for sustained long-term weight loss.

  11. How frequently should I do an Ignite cycle?

    We recommend no more than once per month. The ideal scenario would be an 8-day Ignite cycle, followed by a “cheat” day and then immediately into the Post-Ignite Program for the duration of the month, followed by another Ignite cycle the next month. Some people may only choose to ignite once every few months and that is fine as well due to the effective and sustainable nature of the Post-Ignite program.

  12. I gained “1-2” pounds back on my “cheat day.” I thought this wasn’t a yo-yo diet?

    1-2 pounds is perfectly healthy and natural as your body replenishes its glycogen (energy) stores. This cheat day is very valuable if done correctly and leads to a dramatic increase in leptin, the most important fat burning hormone in the body.

Corporate Post-Ignite

Healthy Shopping List

  1. What do I do Post-Ignite?

    If you have more weight to lose, follow the Weight Loss Plan. The Post-Ignite Plan may be used as an alternative. Allow 2 weeks between Igniting. For maintenance, follow the Healthy Plate .

  2. This is a lot of food and I cannot finish it all. What do I do?

    When it comes to food, live by this rule: Eat only when you are hungry and stop eating when you are satisfied and full. Follow this rule and eat only until satiety and eat your food slowly (15 minutes or more). Eat your food in the following order: Protein, Vegetables, Grains & Fruit.

  3. Is exercise necessary?

    While exercise is not mandatory, regular exercise boosts your metabolic rate and helps maintain healthy metabolism on a daily basis, leading to faster and more sustainable weight loss. If you do not typically exercise, get started moving using suggestions on the meal plans.

  4. What can I eat during a free/“cheat”) day?

    Ideally a “cheat” day would really include one “cheat” meal and a looser diet the rest of the day. On your “cheat” day feel free to eat whatever you would like, still following the rule above about stopping when you are full. That being said, try to avoid any processed and sugary foods and beverages and be wise with general food choices.

  5. How much weight should I lose each week?

    This depends on the individual, but a sustained 2-8 pounds per week is possible with the normal range being 3-5 pounds per week. Not only is this sustainable weight loss, but you will have fantastic energy throughout and you prevent your body from going into “conservation” mode as you would with repeated Ignite cycles.

  1. Is the Healthy Shopping List a rule book or suggested guidelines?

    The Healthy Shopping Guide is a collection of suggestions based on several factors ranging from nutritional value to sustainability to long term health benefits. There are a few foods I would always steer clear of, including anything processed or adulterated in any way (i.e. hot dogs) and some I recommend avoiding because they slow weight loss when compared to other options (i.e. beef) or because they have been shown to cause potential health issues in the commonly sold state (i.e. dairy). That being said, each food choice is up to the individual and the food choices we have given are safe and nutritious from most stores in the commonly sold form. If you choose to add things in like beef, tomatoes, grapes, or dairy, make sure they are local and organic and contain no additives, hormones, or pesticides.

  2. What are some good snack choices not included in the Healthy Shopping List?

    Hummus and vegetables, Quest Bars or VPX Life Lift Bars, edamame, kale chips, tuna sashimi, and himalania goji trail mix.

  3. Can I use the Healthy Shopping List during the Ignite and Post-Ignite Programs to maintain my goal weight?

    Yes. The Healthy Shopping List is a fantastic tool to get you started on your journey to health and is a great reference point for where to begin when choosing food options to optimize your health.