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A New You In Only 8 Days With Xyngular Ignite

Even losing weight can be easy when you have right products and support. Ignite Kit can be life changing for you.

We have made it easy for you to see a change in only 8 days. By following the 8-day Ignite plan you can lose weight*, feel better*, and have increased energy*. Each day has an easy to follow schedule. Starting from when you wake up, every part of your day is mapped out with product, food, and exercise suggestions. Follow each day closely in order to see the biggest changes in your own life.

The Ignite Kit gives you a simple system that will help break old habits and jumpstart your personal health goals. From weight loss to overall wellness, the Ignite Kit can help you succeed by increasing your metabolism, detoxifying your system, protecting your body from free radicals, and helping you change your health habits!*

What you can expect with the Xyngular Ignite Kit:

Short Term

Long Term

Lose 5–15 pounds in the first 8 days alone * With healthy weight loss, reduce the likelihood of obesity related medical issues *
See your waistline shrink dramatically in only 8 days * Teach your body to lose weight in a healthy way *
Learn how to turn your body into a fat burning machine * Reverse the trend of yo-yo dieting *
Improve overall health, fast * Boost your energy and mood *
Feel healthier and more energetic * Create a total health and wellness support system *

Your Daily Ignite Schedule:

Xyngular Ignite Kit Daily Ignite Schedule for Losing Weight

What to do after 8days cycle

  1. Once you have finished your 8th day on the IGNITE program, take 1 day off. On your day off the program, make sure to eat freely and have at least one meal where you eat until you are absolutely stuffed! Then repeat the 8 day XYNGULAR IGNITE FAT BURNING SYSTEM.
  2. You are super excited about your results on your initial 8 day IGNITE program and you still have weight you would like to lose but for whatever reason you cannot commit fully to a second 8 day cycle today. Keep these recommendations in mind:
    1. The longer you wait between cycles, the greater chance your body has of falling out of a fat burning mode and slowing down your results.
    2. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 weeks between your 8 day IGNITE cycles. However, if you go longer than 3 weeks between cycles, you can still have success but it is not recommended for fast weight loss.
    3. Continue taking all the products used during the IGNITE program: XYNG, Super Fruit Global Blend, Lean, Accelerate, Cheat, and Flush as recommended even while you are off the IGNITE program. It is absolutely critical to keep your body in a fat burning mode so that you will continue to lose weight and body fat until your next IGNITE cycle!
    4. If you have more than one bad eating day in a row, where you eat excess calories or foods high in sugar and fat, it is Critical that you do a “mini course correction” (which is the first two days of IGNITE). This will ensure your body stays in a fat burning mode and will quickly eliminate any resulting weight gain
  3. Even though you have reached your weight loss goal and you are in a maintenance mode, it is recommended that you repeat IGNITE every 3-4 months to “fine tune” your body and  make sure you maintain your optimal weight.
Detailed instructions what to do after 8days Xyngular Ignite Cycle

* These results may not reflect the results of all consumers of Xyngular products. The results are not guaranteed! Consult your physician before using any product.
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