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Full-spectrum sustained release formula for optimal health with vitamins, minerals, whole foods, enzymes, omega fatty acids, and probiotics* Xyngular Axion - Optimal Health Supplement

Axion is a versatile nutritional supplement with gradual releasing that provides essential nutrition for body cells. It can support the immune system*, cardiovascular health* and metabolism*. It contains a large number of vitamins, enzymes, omega fatty acids and also probiotics. All these components should help keep your body in optimal health*.

It is not important what you swallow but what you absorb. This is the reason why the gradual releasing of nutrients was developed. The “common” vitamins quickly dissolve after washing them down and will leave your body in urine without absorbing. Xyngular Axion Bi-Layer gradual releasing technology may provide you with long-term influx of nutrients that are gradually absorbed for several hours*. One layer starts to release and absorb shortly after consumption and the other one starts releasing after a few hours. Thanks to Axion Bi-Layer the body can absorb more vitamins and excrete less*.

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