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Unique fruit drink, which can supply your body with various nutrients required for everyday functioning* Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend Classic

Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend is a unique fruit drink made of quantity of fruit of various sorts. Each component is carefully chosen so that the final drink has as good affects as possible for the human body. The product consists of famous strawberries, raspberries, pears, sour cherries, but also less known, but popular such as acai, mangosteen, aloe vera, sea buckthorn and others. This composition gives the drink a great number of vitamins that contribute to right function of human organism*. High volume of antioxidants may help your body fight against free radicals. It cleanses the organism* which can help you gain more energy*, better health and better quality life style*. Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend simply helps the body keep it in shape*.

The majority of people in their everyday food does not take in sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies need for correct everyday function. Xyngular Super Fruit Global Blend will provide you with some nutrients that are necessary for complex everyday nutrition and protection*. This drink is suitable for anybody willing to improve their physical condition*, support immune system* and get your body in shape. It is good for young and old people, sportsmen and idlers.

Natural support of metabolism for improvement and acceleration of fat burn with reducing appetite and with loads of energy.

Xyngular Core4 - Accelerate: Metabolism BoosterCore4 Accelerate is a nutrition supplement for weight loss that can affect your metabolism beneficially. It can provide sufficient amount of energy*. With help of Core4 Accelerate you can reduce your appetite* and the redundant kilograms* can be lost effectively. Metabolism helps to burn the fats and it differs from person to person. You can adjust and improve it by using Core4 Accelerate. At the same time you can suppresses your appetite* and increase energy*.

With an increasing age the speed and effectiveness of the metabolism slow down and therefore it is suitable to support it with right nutritional supplements. Accelerate may be suitable for those that need and want to accelerate their metabolism and decrease their weight. The slim people burn the received calories and nutrients differently than people suffering from overweight. Sometimes is enough to change eating habits or simply move a little more and the problem with fats burning may quickly become the past. Xyngular Core4 Accelerate can be suitable mainly for improving the effects of fats burning and decrease of the redundant kilograms.

A healthy and nutritional drink with the necessary nutrition to satisfy your appetite and support the fats metabolism*

Xyngular Core4 - Lean: Nutritional Drink For Losing WeightCore4 Lean is a nutritional drink with vanilla flavor that contains natural amino acids, proteins, minerals and lots of vitamins. It works as an meal replacement* so you can satisfy your appetite* with a minimum number of calories. It becomes a good companion for healthy diet. Since it may suppress the desire for food* and ensure the decrease in appetite*, you may not feel the longing for food the way you usually do. Lean product is a good solution for maintaining your figure and weight*. It is low caloric, gives you the feeling of satiety* and your hunger can be reduced for a several hours*.

Lean is a natural supplement suitable for losing weight! Highly nutritional food in the form of healthy cocktail not only tastes good, but most importantly it ensures that you can get the necessary amount of vitamins and nutritional substances, which your body needs. Moreover, the balanced ration of proteins and amino acids can secure healthy physical function of your organism. While working out and exercising the muscles are strained and they need to regenerate. Core4 Lean has been formulated so that it can be able to rebuild the muscle tissues.

It was formulated for adults of all ages that want to have their weight loss, cholesterol, and blood sugar under their control*

Xyngular Core4 - Cheat Plus: Healthy Calories ReductionCore4 Cheat Plus may help reduce excessive pounds*. Its greatest benefit is reduction of calories from food you eat*. Cheat+ contains green coffee beans for blood sugar regulation* and phytosterols that may help you get cholesterol under your control*. Now you can take CHEAT anytime and for anything – sprinkling is no longer necessary!

Cheat is an all-natural fiber product from a Japanese root called Konnyaku and works with water in order to regulate the absorption of macronutrients including fats and carbohydrates. Simply sprinkle Cheat on your food prior to eating. Upon hitting your stomach, it expands, creating a viscous gel, literally trapping a portion of the consumed food. After a short while, this results in the feeling of being full and you don’t need to eat any more. Cheat also encapsulates the calories and fats into fibers, so your organism thinks it processes the fiber, therefore the calories and fats can make it through the digestive tract much faster than with common consumption of food. Cheat is a part of Core4, the natural system for weigh reduction, but it can also manage your redundant pounds individually. All you need to do is to sprinkle your meal.

Detoxification an organism and digestive tract cleansing using herbs is the best way how to slim down healthfully and successfully.

Xyngular Core4 - Flush: Body DetoxificationCore4 Flush is an organic and highly effective product, which is characterized by high detoxification effect*. Its special herbal composition supports mainly the colon cleansing, thanks to which it may prevent flatulence* and bloated stomach*. Flush can help with digestion* and may ensure better absorption* of nutritional substances into the organism. Using Core4 Flush the body may rids off toxins* and harmful substances and it can help you achieve your weight-loss goals*. Flush is an excellent way to help your body function optimally while you lose weight.

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